Shopping: Banana Republic Marimekko Collection

First things first, welcome to Shopping and Sewing! I thought I’d kick things off by jumping right in with a review of the few pieces from the recent Banana Republic Marimekko collection I was able to get my  hands on. Past BR + famous designer collections have left me cold, but this one got me excited. Apparently, I wasn’t alone, as the collection sold out very quickly. I had placed the shorter version of the Kivet skirt in my cart the day of the preview, only to wake up the day the 25 percent discount was valid to find it vanished. What I did manage to purchase were two pairs of the Hampton fit shorts, the first in the Kivet print and the second in the green Rasymatto print.


Banana Republic_Marimekko_Kivet_Shorts
Here’s the Kivet print. The dots are much smaller on the shorts than they are on the pants and skirts that featured the same print. In all, I think the smaller dots are a lot more flattering, a lot less “hey that woman is wearing some weird shorts,” and a lot less obviously Marimekko.  All three things are a benefit, though I guess the point of buying the BR Marimekko line is so that people recognize the design. But, I prefer that people not be able to immediately recognize where and when I bought my clothing. That’s just me, though.


BR marimekko collection

Since the Marimekko collection is long gone, the rest of this review can act as a review of the Hampton fit in general. I have a pair of the Hampton crops and I’m not super in love with them.  Pants tend to be problematic for me, and these are no exception (but, hey, that’s a subject for another post). They are big in the hips and thighs, so that they bunch up in the inner thigh area, making me look bigger than I am.

I’m not having that problem with the shorts. They sit lower on the waist, but not too low. The leg area isn’t overly baggy.

I like the length of the shorts – the 5 inch inseam seems to be a good balance of not too short and not frumpily long. For the record, I’m 5’10.” I think a 4″ inseam would have been OK, as well, but perhaps bordering on too-short.

Fabric-wise, both pairs are a woven cotton with a bit of stretch. The cotton is smooth, a bit like a sateen, but it doesn’t have any sheen to it.

BR Marimekko collection

There were two color choices for the Raysmatto shorts – blue or green. I went with green, because given the choice, I will always choose green. It’s a very bright green in real life. The photo above was taken in the early evening, as a thunderstorm rolled in, so it’s a bit muddy. I think the green shorts are more eye-catching and “look at me!” than the Kivet shorts, but aren’t so out-there print-wise that they’d draw strange looks. It’s a good, summery print.

A few random thoughts on the collection, then we’re done. I’m not usually one to go for fast fashion big designer collabs. My thinking is that if I’m going to wear designer, I’m going to wear designer, not a cheaper version of a designer just for the name. But, the Marimekko pieces, at least the two pairs of shorts I got, seem solid. The construction is decent, the fabric weight is good. Given the price point, I doubt the fabric was printed the same way Marimekko prints its standard fabric. But, I’m happy to have these shorts in my closet now.

Did you purchase any BR Marimekko collection items? What were your thoughts?