Book Review: The Lauras

* I received this book from in exchange for my honest review.*

I can’t quite put my finger on how I feel about The Lauras, by Sara Taylor. I enjoyed the book, it was beautifully written and timely, but I felt that there wasn’t that much to it.

The Lauras

The Lauras

One night, Alex’s mom wakes them (Alex is agender, meaning they don’t identify as either a boy or a girl) up and puts them in the car, speeding off into the distance. A fight with Alex’s dad is supposedly the reason for the departure, but evidence suggests that the grand exit has been a long time coming.

Their departure is the start of a cross-country trip that takes them down to Florida, over to Texas, up to Utah, and finally into Vancouver. Along the way, Alex’s mom tells them stories of her youth, growing up in and out of foster and group homes and meeting a range of women all named Laura.

Along the way, Alex plays a long, but you can tell their heart isn’t really in the trip. They miss their father, who’s back home in Virginia. They also start going through puberty and have to deal with the discovery of sex for the first (in one instance, in a very disgusting way).

The Lauras is a classic coming of age meets road trip tale, but with a twist (the twist being the gender identity question). Although Alex’s mom does eventually make it to where she needs to go, there’s not a sense of finality to the book. Alex eventually strikes out on their own and get you get the sense that maybe one day they will find what they need. But it won’t be in this book.