Book Review: Tomorrow Will Be Different

Tomorrow Will Be Different by Sarah McBride

Get ready for a tear-jerker. Sarah McBride came out as transgender to her family and the student body at her college right before her final year of school, in 2012. Fearing rejection and worse, she was met with love and acceptance. She then went on to be the first openly transgender intern at the White House and has had a successful career so far as a progressive activist.

Her memoir, which details her experience coming out as well as her romance and marriage with Andy, a transgender man who sadly passed away from cancer just four days after their wedding, shows that society has come pretty far, but also makes clear that’s there’s a long way to go.

McBride describes her experiences working to get equal rights bills passed in Delaware (her home state) and federally. She shines a light on the ignorance that’s prevalent about transgender people, both among people who are staunchly “against” transgender people and those who try to be allies but still end up doing hurtful things. Case in point: one legislator in Delaware, thinking he was helping to improve the equal rights bill, actually nearly added a provision that would have denied trans people their rights even more.

You’d think that the memoir would add on a sad note — after all, in the year and change since the Obama administration ended, there has been some regression when it comes to equality and a definite decline in empathy from the executive branch. But McBride remains hopeful. The equal rights movement and trans equality movement have a ways to go, but she believes that it can’t be stopped.

*I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest review*