Capsule Wardrobe: Winter 2015-2016

Although I went into the capsule wardrobe with a fair amount of scepticism in the fall, I’ve come to really like the constraints of the project. At first, I did feel a lot of “ugh, I only have these options. I’m so limited.” But, after about a month or so, I got into the swing of things and really started to enjoy having fewer things to choose from.

That said, by the end of the three months, I was pretty much itching to switch to the new capsule. It’s been a warm fall, so it wasn’t so much that I wanted to switch to warmer clothing. It was more that after three months of being in constant rotation, some of my clothes were a little worse for wear. I sat on something that left a mark on a skirt, the hem of another skirt fell out when I washed it (an easy fix, but annoying, nonetheless). So, by the end of November, I had a few skirts at the cleaners and one in the mending pile. I also decided that I absolutely didn’t like one skirt:


And put it in the donate pile. Ugh, no love lost there, but I hope someone else likes it!

With just one skirt left standing (for the moment), it was time to switch over.

Winter 2015 Capsule


Here it is, my winter 2015-2016 capsule wardrobe. It’s a 37-piece capsule, but I couldn’t find images of a few of the shirts to put in the Polyvore set, so you’ll just have to trust me. Like this past fall, I’ll be checking in every so often with outfit ideas and updates about how it’s going.

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