Sewing: #MMMay2015 Wrap-Up

Sewing: #MMMay2015 Wrap-Up

sorbetto tank tops

I’ll admit it: I didn’t have a productive “me made May.” That photo up there, of the two shirts, is the sum total of what I made last month. Two Sorbetto tops, made without the pleat. The blue has bias tape binding while the houndstooth has elastic on the edges The interesting thing about those two tops is that both began life as different pieces of clothing, which I also made and decided I wasn’t a fan of.


As you can see, I originally made the light blue arrow print fabric (a cotton lawn cast-off from Marc Jacobs) into a dress. Although it was pretty comfortable and light and breezy for wearing in the summer, I wasn’t a huge fan of the it. I didn’t like the elastic empire waist or the narrow skirt. So, I cut it up and turned it into a top.

houndstooth skirt

The houndstooth print shirt, which was is made from a cotton jersey knit and features elastic on the armholes, neckline, and hem, was originally a skirt that I absolutely fcked up. So I cut it up and transformed it into a shirt.

Houndstooth sorbetto top close up

Here’s a close-up of the elastic edging on the neck and arms. You can see the serger in the background, but I didn’t use it for this shirt. Instead, I did a simple zig-zag stitch with French seams. I used French seams on the blue top, too, since that’s my favorite way to create a finished edge. It looks very neat and professional and doesn’t take that much more time than finishing a seam with a serger or zigzag stitch.

I still have a few sewing projects in the works, including the Violet top, which I’ve mentioned before, and another version of the pleated skirt that I messed up so well earlier. The Violet top is coming along nicely, I just need to attach the sleeves, buttons and hem it.

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