Sewing: Pleated Midi Skirt

Sewing: Pleated Midi Skirt

After much delay (partly due to the fact that the room I sew in isn’t climate controlled and gets pretty hot during the summer months), I’ve finally finished a few sewing projects. First up is a pleated skirt, based on this skirt tutorial, made using a wool/cotton gabardine from Liberty of London.


There it is on Millie, my dress form. And here’s a picture of me wearing it on Instagram.

All in all, the skirt was pretty easy to make. I used less than a yard of 55 inch (or so) fabric. There’s an invisible zipper on the side, and a few hooks and eyes to  close the waistband.


Were I to make another version of the skirt, I though I would reduce the size of waistband. It’s currently 2 inches. I think I’d make it 1 inch or so, as that would work better with the actual shape and height of my waist (I have a short one). I think I would also position the zipper a little higher on the skirt, so that it attaches on the waistband, too, not just on the body of the skirt.

And, I wouldn’t second guess myself when it comes to the size of the skirt. I fussed with the size of the pleats because I was terrified that the skirt wouldn’t fit (for the record, Millie is actually a little bigger than me, which I should probably adjust, so that I stop panicking that the things I make don’t fit.) Anyway, fussing with the pleat size messed with the balance and overall fit of the skirt, making it too big, so that I had to trim from the sides. It wasn’t a good scene.

I went with a length that is just below the knee. I was thinking of making the skirt longer, but I wanted a thick hem to help it hang better, so I ended up having to hem it to 25 inches, folding the hem up 4 inches.

All in all, a good skirt to make. Now that I know what I’m doing, my plan is to make one out of a faux leather. We’ll see how that turns out.

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  1. I have that fabric! (In the wool form from, but I assume yours is the tana lawn?)

    This is so pretty, I love it! Thanks for the inspiration, maybe I will try mine in a skirt, too!

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