Sewing: Violet Top

I hate giving up, but I have to call this one. You know sometimes, you’re working on a project and you lose sight of why  you’re working on it? That’s  how it’s going with the Violet Top, from Colette Patterns.


I seriously don’t even remember when I started working on this shirt. It was at least a year and a half ago. There’s really no excuse for dawdling like I did, except that I just wasn’t feeling the top. As I kept working, my thoughts about the shirt kept getting worse and worse.

And that has nothing to do with the pattern. Dear pattern, it’s totally not you, it’s me. I chose the wrong fabric for the top. It’s really stiff; it doesn’t drape right. It’s kind of unflattering on me. I think the interfacing I used was too heavy.

This shirt is a trainwreck, so I’m stopping, just short of putting the buttons on.

Lessons learned:

  • Don’t use a quilting weight cotton. It’s way too (at least the one I used) heavy and stiff
  • Stop sewing when you lose interest in a project. I’ve a backlog of sewing projects because I wanted to finish this one before I stared anything else.
  • Buttonholes aren’t that scary. You can always use snaps instead (at least I’m guessing; I quit before the buttons).

I’ll revisit the Violet top in a few projects, using a lighter fabric, and maybe skipping the interfacing, to see how it goes.

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