Sewing: What I’m Working On

Sewing: What I’m Working On

Since one half of this blog’s name is “sewing,” it makes sense to do a post about sewing projects, after so many devoted to shopping. This winter’s really gotten me down, in terms of creativity and productivity, so I haven’t actually completed anything, but I do have a number of projects in progress.

Violet Pattern

First is the Violet top from Colette Patterns. I bought this pattern (and the fabric for it) a pretty long time ago (so long ago I don’t remember who designed the fabric, but do know that it’s a quilting weight cotton), and never got around to sewing it up, until last spring, when I finally started cutting out the pieces. Then they languished in a zip top bag for another 10 months, before I decided to actually sew the shirt together.

Violet Shirt in progress

It’s still very much a work in progress, but at least at this point the front and back shoulders are sewn together and the Peter Pan collar is finished. I’ll have a review of it when I finish the shirt — which judging from the speed I’ve been working at, should be in another year or so.

houndstooth skirt

Next up is a pleated houndstooth skirt, made from a cotton jersey knit I got from Girl Charlee, again about a year ago. The skirt is modeled after this one, except the knit isn’t stretchy enough not to have a zipper. And I completely messed it up by sewing the zipper in first, before sewing on the waistband.  You can sort of see how the waistband doesn’t fully close, near my arm. There’s no way to get it to close cleanly without completely ripping out the zipper and redoing the side seam.

For that reason, the fabric will be a skirt for only the briefest of moments. I plan on repurposing it to make another version of one of my favorite tops. I might get a different hounds tooth fabric and try the skirt again, but for now the plan is to try the design with a woven gabardine fabric from Liberty. I’m thinking of the hounds tooth one as my muslin, a practice run before sewing up the fancy fabric.