Shopping: A Stop at Loft

Shopping: A Stop at Loft

I had some time to kill before heading to see the Pennsylvania Ballet’s production of Swan Lake yesterday, so I figured spending that time trying some stuff on was as good a use of it as any. The first stop was Loft, which I don’t usually have much luck with, although its clothes are on the cute side.

After a few laps around the store (it’s a small one), I took three things into the dressing room to try on: a blue dress, a bright yellow skirt and a crisp looking white top.


First outfit: the pleat back softened shirt ($54.50) and geo eyelet skirt ($69.50). My experience with skirts from Loft has been that they tend to run large. So, I took in a size 4 (one size smaller than usual) and a size 6 (my usual size). Or, at least I thought I did. Turns out I took in two size 4’s, which I found out when trying on the second one and noticing that it fit pretty much exactly like the first. The size 4 fit right at the waist, but without any wiggle room. While the look is more flattering than if it had sat lower, I wasn’t quite sold on the fit, the drape, or the color of the skirt. It’s decently made, for the price, but I didn’t love it.


I don’t know what is up with me and shirts lately, but they are all so boxy or oversized. It looks so sloppy. Look at the puff of excess fabric on my back. It might not look that bad, but that is only because I’m slightly turned to take the picture. It’s not as though I can go down a size, either, since then I’ll lose what little fit I have in the shoulder area. Dear shirts, it’s not me, it’s you.


Next up: the Spot Stripe Flare Dress ($69.50). This one was a real cutie, and the fit was almost perfect. Made of a rayon jersey, it was really soft to the touch. It has an invisible zipper up the back, not an exposed one, thank God. But, it was a touch on the short side, on me at least, as you can see. The length works with opaque tights, but I’d be nervous about wearing it bare legged in the late spring or summer.


I did think a bit more about getting this one, even trying it on with a cardigan (oh, that makes it even cuter), but ultimately left it behind. It just wasn’t special enough, even for just $42 (everything was 40 percent off). Maybe I’ll revisit it later in the spring. Or maybe not.



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