Shopping: Amour Vert (Or, How I Bombed the Bomber)

Shopping: Amour Vert (Or, How I Bombed the Bomber)

This week, I tried a out new-to-me brand, Amour Vert. A few things make Amour Vert appealing, as a company and as clothing. As you may have guessed from the name, there’s a bit of a green, eco-focus behind the line. The fabrics are all natural: silk, wools, cotton. The garments are made in the US, which while not necessarily green, does suggest the company isn’t interested in paying as little as possible when it comes to construction. Finally, the company intends to plant a tree for every T-shirt it sells. That last one sounds like a bit of green washing to me, but if the intentions are good . . .

On to the clothing. I only tried a top and a jacket from the brand, so it’s not as though I can give a full review, but judging from my limited experience, things seem good. Except for the bomber, but that might just be me.

Let's just call these bracelet length sleeves
Let’s just call these bracelet length sleeves

I like the idea of a bomber, or baseball style jacket, or what have you. But on me, ugh, what a terrible look. The sleeves on this particular jacket, the Art Bomber, were just too short. I know, I know, I’m tall. But I usually don’t have trouble with sleeve length.

While the sleeves weren’t enough, the body of the jacket was incredibly voluminous. I get that there’s meant to be a bit of bagginess to a bomber jacket, but this was just extra fabric that hung really awkwardly. You can kind of see it in the photo – there’s a puff of fabric by my right arm that’s just  . . . there.  The waistband of the coat wasn’t small enough to balance out the volume of the body, if that makes any sense. At any rate, I’m returning this jacket.


While Amour Vert didn’t hit a home run with the bomber (at least on me), I pretty much fell in love with the Sally Tank the minute I tried it on. It’s navy blue silk with tiny white birds on it. The front hem is a few inches shorter than the back hem, which creates an flattering, fun look. The silk is pretty  heavy weight and the stitching is fantastic, though I would have liked to have seen some French seams in there. The tag on the top said it was handmade in the USA — handmade by a serger, sure.

Amour Vert definitely gets an A for good intentions. The tank fits well, and it’s always nice to see brands that are relatively affordable producing clothing in the US, using natural fibers. Could things be better? Yes. But, I’m hanging on to the top and would give the brand another try in the future.


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