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Oh, Anthropologie. I just don’t know about you. You sell cute clothes, but some of them are mad pricey and just aren’t worth the extra dollars. While some of your stuff is amazing (I love my telephone skirt), a lot of it isn’t anything special. I’ve been disappointed by you before and I will be again, and yet, I keep coming back.

All of this is to introduce reviews of two tops from Anthro that, for a few reasons, didn’t work out for me.

Can't tight ...
Can’t breathe…so tight …

Up first: The Seamless Mockneck Tee in black. As you can see from the photo and caption above, this shirt is insanely tight-fitting. It runs really small. When I pulled it out of the packaging I thought that they  must of have sent the wrong size, it was so tiny.

Obviously, it stretches, so that I was able to put it on. But, the look was a bit sausagey. Particularly in the arms. I don’t really have plump arms, but it looked it in this shirt.


Did I mention how I couldn’t breathe, either?

It’s really too bad, because, if I got the size right (maybe the next one up would work?), this top would be amazing. I love the look of the mock neck, I love the sleek lines of the shirt itself. I just also really love being able to breathe.


Can we talk about bow blouses for a minute? Because I love them. I loved them before they were everywhere and now that they are everywhere, I’m totally thrilled.

Except not about the Ombra Top from Anthro. It’s cute, it’s got a fun black and white paint splatter pattern (and also comes in stripes). You can have some fun with the bow.


But, something was just off. It was cut a bit too big and blousy. While the seamless top was super tight and slimming, this shirt was just too loose. I thought it added a lot of weight and made my torso look super short for some reason.

Plus, also, it’s made of polyester, and not the good kind. It was very flimsy and see-through and the stitching wasn’t so great.

Ah, well. I’m disappointed the tops didn’t work out. But, as I mentioned, bow blouses are everywhere, so it’s not as if I don’t have a lot to pick from:


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