Shopping: Anthropologie Telephone Print Pencil Skirt

Shopping: Anthropologie Telephone Print Pencil Skirt

Although I’ve always enjoyed whimsical and quirky clothing choices, until recently, I’ve never purchased anything from Anthropologie, a store known for whimsical and quirky clothing. Part of the reason for that is that I’m just not quick enough. I’ll often see something I like on offer, put it on my wish list, only to find that it’s sold out the next time I go back to look.


I don’t remember when I first noticed the telephone printed Clementina Pencil Skirt, but it was a while ago. I thought it was cute, and I really love old style telephones, but I didn’t really want to drop $118 on it. Flash forward several months, and it’s Memorial Day weekend. The skirt was on sale, plus an extra 20 percent off (in case you haven’t noticed by now, I am an unrepentant sale shopper).

After much hemming and hawing over what size to get, I went one size up, to an 8. Some of the reviews said it ran large, some said it ran small, so I figured it was better to play it safe and go up a size. It wasn’t in stock at the store in Philly, so I couldn’t go and try it on first.

It’s actually fine. I think a 6 would have been too tight in the thigh and would have shown off a bit too much, while the 8 is flattering, but not revealing. It’s a bit loose in the waist, but I’d rather have a somewhat loose waist than too tight thighs and hips.


Here’s a close-up of the print and the side of the skirt. They didn’t do a super good job of lining up the print, as you can see some of the telephones are eaten by the seam. It’s actually a bit worse in the back, but since I’m sitting on it most of the day, it’s less noticeable. There’s also an exposed zipper, but it’s short and I guess I really have to pick my battles here.

Sadly, the telephone print version of the skirt is sold out. But, at the time of writing, a bright yellow tile pattern is available. It might not be as silly and charming as the phones, but looking at the photos, it looks like the pattern actually lines up.

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