Shopping: Anthropologie

Shopping: Anthropologie

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’ve long admired Anthropologie from afar, but never really purchased anything there, save for a telephone print pencil skirt, which I wear quite a lot. I ended up dropping by the store across from Rittenhouse Square this weekend, since I wanted to get some new knobs/drawer pulls for an Ikea dresser I recently moved from a closet to the living room.


Cute, right? My favorite part is that the drawer pulls combined cost as much as the dresser itself (It’s the Rast from IKEA). Oh well.

Since I was there anyway, I figured I might as well try some stuff on. I really liked the way the Brynn Shirtdress looked on the model online. This was a drses that I was ready to buy, full price, sight unseen.

Um, I’m really glad I didn’t do that. On me, the dress was a different story altogether. It was super unflattering. I look a little round in the hip area, don’t you think? The skirt portion of the dress is lined, which I think contributes to its poufiness.


I easily look 10 pounds heavier in the dress. I wondered if it was a sizing issue – I’m in a small – but I doubt going up or down a size would have made the situation any better.

The puffy skirt wasn’t the only issue. The dress is made of a woven rayon and there were a lot of loose threads on it. The invisible zipper was a bit sticky and, strangest of all, there was a weird bulge in the fabric on one side, near the bottom of the my rib cage. You can kind of see in the picture below.



You can also see it if you look at the close-up view of the model on the site. I had gone in planning on buying the dress, but it was just such a hot mess on me that I ended up leaving it behind.


I also ended up trying on the Parfait Pencil skirt, which was also a bit of an “eh.” It just felt kind of flimsy and cheap. It’s made of a somewhat textured woven polyester, with a sheer panel between the two green stripes. The fit is slightly wider and looser than your average pencil, but that could also be because I picked up a size Medium, and it was a little too large on me. I somewhat liked it, but not enough to see if the next size down would work better.


Since I was wearing a dress, I grabbed a random shirt that looked like it would match the pencil skirt to try on. Funnily enough, the shirt, the Cedez Tank, was probably the thing that I liked the most. I really loved the colorĀ  (deep emerald green) and the multiple layers. You can leave it hanging out for an interesting look with jeans or tuck the longer, lower portion into a pencil skirt so that it looks as though you’re wearing a cropped shirt, as in the blurry photo below. anthropologie_cedez_top

The only drawback of the shirt is that it’s a somewhat heavy polyester crepe. So, not the best fabric ever, but also not the worst.

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