Shopping: Banana Republic Non Iron Shirt

Ironing has to be my least favorite chore. Yet, some of my favorite things to wear are stiff cotton button up shirts. It’s a weird position to find myself in and what usually ends up happening is that I work my way through all of my needs-ironing clothes until I’m left with nothing to wear. Then, I need to spend a few hours ironing everything until I have a wardrobe reset. In some ways, it’s like getting new clothes to wear. In other ways, it’s a giant pain in the ass.


That all said, it makes sense that I’m a big fan of the non-iron shirts from Banana Republic. I have a few and recently got a new one to add to my collection, the Geo Sleeveless Shirt. (here’s a similar, non-patterned one.) As you can see in the picture above, “non iron” might be a bit of a misnomer, as the shirt is a bit wrinkly. I usually find that the shirts do require a quick once over with an iron to refresh them, but not as extensive an ironing as plain cotton shirts.

The sleeveless, fitted button front shirt is one of my favorite styles, since it looks pretty flattering on me. It’s also a style that’s relatively hard to find these days, as most button front shirts, sleeveless or not, are cut away from the body. I know that’s on trend and fashionable, but I look terrible in that cut. So, thanks to Banana for continuing to make fitted shirts, particularly non-iron ones.


I went with a 6 in this year’s style. In year’s past, I tried a 4, which was very fitted, and almost too tight, and both a 4 and 6. Although a 6 is a bit loose, it fits better around the shoulders and arms. The one issue I have with these shirts is the collar. It’s on the large side and a bit stiff. I usually like to button my shirts all the way up, but the collar is so stiff on this one that it’s just too uncomfortable to do. There’s also some weird gapping between buttons. In the past, I’ve stitched that down, but that makes it a bit more difficult to actually put the top on, since you can’t unbutton it.

The non iron shirts aren’t perfect, but I still like them.

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