Shopping: Banana Republic

There was a time when most of my wardrobe came from Banana Republic. Although I still have a few pieces from the store, that’s really not the case any more. The amount I’ve spent at Banana has also dropped drastically. For the past few years, I’ve (embarrassingly enough) qualified for Silver status on my Gap card, all because of purchases made at BR. This year, I won’t come anywhere qualifying (and that’s OK — all it really does is give you free shipping on any order and a few other features that I don’t use).

I think one of the reasons why I’ve lost interest in the store is that a lot of it is the same old, same old, even though they’ve brought  in Marissa Webb and things are supposed to get better. Another part of it is that  a lot of the things I try on just don’t work for me.

BananaRepublic_cobalt_pencilskirt_6 BananaRepublic_cobalt_pencilskirt_8








Case in point: the blue square jacquard pencil skirt. I really liked the way the skirt looked on the site, but in person it was just eh.

A part of the problem is the fit of the skirt. A few reviews had posted before I ordered, noting that it ran small. Some people claimed to need two sizes above their usual BR size. To play it safe, I ordered a 6 (my usual size, pictured on the left), and an 8 (on the right).

Both kind of fit, but in different ways. The 6 was very fitted at the waist, meaning I wouldn’t be able to wear it on a “puffy” day. The 8 was looser at the waist in a way that just looked weird. You can see the weirdness of the waist better in the photo below.


The waist is sitting away from my body and it’s my hips that are doing the work of holding up the skirt.

I was curious to see if the size 6 skirt was really actually smaller than size 6 Banana of the past, so I compared it my favorite skirt from the brand, a green Sloan pencil skirt.


The two skirts were actually pretty close in size, with the major difference being the height of the blue skirt’s waist. I guess the big issue with the new pencil skirt isn’t sizing, but the fact that I’m not used to wearing such a high waist. Suffice it to say, I returned both sizes and am not any closer to achieving silver status this year.