Shopping: Boden Fall 2015

Although we’ve just gotten into fall, I’m already looking ahead to winter and what to wear in my winter capsule (if I end up deciding to continue the project; I’m still on the fence about the whole capsule wardrobe thing). Luckily, my winter capsule planning happened to coincide with a few sales at one of my favorites, Boden. Unluckily, the items I chose didn’t really work out.

Annabel Knit Skirt

Boden Annabel Knit Skirt
Boden Annabel Knit Skirt

I currently have a black, pleated skirt in my wardrobe that I’ve owned since 2010. It’s one of those items of clothing whose provenance I can distinctly remember — I bought it at the BCBG outlet in the Berkshires while traveling up there to see James Taylor at Tanglewood. It’s a great skirt, works with a lot of outfits, and I can bike in it, but it’s too lightweight (it’s a very light woven poly) to wear in the winter. I’ve been on the look-out for a heavier black skirt that isn’t a pencil skirt, and I thought the Annabel knit skirt from Boden would be it.

But — you know where this is going — it wasn’t. I guess it’s hard to convey the nature of a skirt using just words and pictures. I was expecting a ponte-ish, jersey-like knit. Instead, the skirt is closer to a sweater knit. It’s somewhat soft and fuzzy to start with and when I pulled it out of the packaging my thought was “this is going to pill like you wouldn’t believe.” And if it doesn’t pill, it’s going to attract lint and fuzzies like it’s no one’s business.

Boden Annabel skirt up close
Boden Annabel skirt up close. There’s no sewn hem on the skirt, just a finished knit edge.

The fabric of the skirt wasn’t the only thing that it didn’t have going for it. The fit was a bit off, too. Although I’m typically an 8 in Boden’s skirts, I looked at the measurements for the item itself and went with a 6. It has an elastic waist that is apparently 29 inches around. On me, the elastic is loose, so the skirt sits just below my natural waist.

The big issue isn’t the waist, though. It’s the sweep of the skirt. There’s just too much fabric. I’m already a bit pear shaped. This skirt enhanced that look and that didn’t make me too happy.

Julia Patch Pocket Skirt

Julia patch pocket skirt, lavender
Julia patch pocket skirt, lavender

Carven has this amazing light purple mini skirt this season. It was very 1960’s looking and something like $595, so way beyond my budget. Boden also has a light purple mini skirt this season, the Julia Patch Pocket skirt, which looks very similar to the Carven one (although also very different). It’s made of a wool crepe and I very much like it, except for one thing. I ordered the long, which is about 21 inches and just too much fabric for my taste. The long has a wider sweep than the regular length skirt (51.5 inches around for the long, versus 48.5 inches for the regular length), which I think makes it stick out just a bit too much at the hem. Like the Annabel skirt, this one seems a bit big by Boden’s standards. I ordered the 6,  not an 8, as the waist for the 6 is apparently 30.25 inches. It sits a bit low on me, which is fine, but is yet another reason why I think the regular length will be just fine.


My favorite feature about the skirt is the pockets, and I think that’s why part of the reason why I’m willing to try the regular length.  My partner said it looked like a cargo skirt. But, clearly it doesn’t.

I’ll close with a little sale update — I got these two during the recent “flash sale,” when everything was 25% off. The day they arrived, I also got a postcard in the mail telling me that the mid-season sale was to start on Monday (that’s today!) and things would be up to 40% off. I kinda rolled my eyes, but as it turns out, the flash sale was a better deal in some ways. The Julia skirt is marked down 20-30%, based on the color, while the Annabel skirt is only 10% off. A few other items I like in the sale are below:

Has anything at Boden caught your eye lately?

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