Shopping: Boden Mid-Season Sale and Lara Coat

Boden‘s mid-season sale ended this past Sunday. It was a pretty exciting time in Boden-land. First things were up to 40 percent off, then up to 50 percent off, then whatever percent off, plus an extra 15 percent. Although I’ve really liked the ’60s inspired styles of Boden’s spring line, there was really only one piece I really, really wanted from the sale: the Lara Coat.

Lara coat boden

The original retail price of the coat was $268, which isn’t terribly high as coats go, but was a bit more  than I wanted to pay for a lightweight spring coat. I ended up getting it for slightly more than $100, as it was marked down 50%, plus an extra 15% off.  Sweetness.

I am a woman who loves a great coat. You can be wearing the worst outfit in the world, but if your coat is great, it really doesn’t matter. Look at that picture above. Aside from the gray tights, you  have no idea what I’m wearing under there.  (It’s a skirt and a T-shirt with bikes printed on it, for the record.)

Lara is made out of a light, textured cotton. This is a coat for tossing on over a dress when the weather is somewhat warm but not too warm. It’s not an early spring or late fall coat by any means. The coat is available in four colors, a basic navy, a red and blue floral print, a color blocked light blue, and the one I’m wearing, which is sulphur (yellow-green) and ivory.

I think the A-line cut of the coat is fairly flattering. Maybe it does make my hips look a little big, but there’s just nothing I can do about that. I really like the way the two different colors are blocked and pieced together, too. It is very 1960’s looking, without making me feel that I’m wearing a costume.

Side view Lara Coat

As far as sizing goes, I was a little hesitant about getting the 6, which is what Boden’s handy Fit Predictor recommended to me. I’ve had some trouble in the past with their tops being too tight in the shoulders or arm area.

The 6 fit well, except it is a touch tight in the shoulders. I can button all three buttons on the coat, but getting that top one closed was a bit tricky. Since it fits well elsewhere, it’s not a matter of going up to the 8, which would then be too baggy in the chest, waist, and hips. Plus, looking at the size guide, there’s just a 1/4 inch difference in sleeve length between the 6 and the 8, which really, would that make any difference on me? I really wish Boden offered tall or long sizes in jackets, coats and tops, not only in skirts or dresses, as that’s where I really need the taller or longer sizing the most.


My favorite part about the coat, and about Boden in general, is the quality. Look at that lining. It’s a grosgrain ribbon across the waist and cute piping details along the sides. It’s just lovely. I really appreciate it when mass produced clothing looks as nice inside as it does outside.

I didn’t have a dressier spring or lightweight coat until now, so I’m pretty happy to welcome the Lara coat to my closet.

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