Shopping: Boden Richmond Shorts and Spring Sale

Boden just wrapped up its mid-season sale, so I’ve got a few reviews for you, including the Richmond shorts, colorblock pencil skirt and two cardigans. I actually ordered the shorts way before the sale, but they shipped from the UK and the post office temporarily lost my package, so they arrived just a few days before my sale order. Shipping drama aside, here’s what I thought.

Boden richmond shorts

Richmond Shorts

Shorts? When it’s barely 60 degrees out? I have to admit,I was thinking of my summer capsule (which feels so far away!) when I ordered these.

Boden offers its Richmond shorts in three lengths – 4 inches, 6 inches, and 9 inches. I ordered the 4 inch short in navy spot, in a size 6. I wasn’t sure whether to go with the 6 or 8, but am glad that I picked the 6, as the 8 would have been too big. Once again, Boden’s size guide came in handy (it describes the size 6 as having 31 inch waist and 38 inch hips). The shorts are meant to sit slightly below your natural waist, and these do.

The fabric’s nice and thick and all in all, these are a solid pair of shorts. But, I returned them. I think I want myself to be a person who can pull off shorts, but I always feel like something’s not quite right when I wear them.

richmond shorts

Plus, there’s that. I’ll spare you the full on backside view, but I felt that the shorts definitely made my ass look huge. It might be all the little dots playing tricks on the eyes, but it was definitely not a flattering look.

boden colorblock pencil skirt

Colorblock Pencil Skirt

Can I just say that Boden completely dropped the ball with this colorblock pencil skirt? By which I mean, it’s an amazing skirt and they totally didn’t promote it enough. They didn’t have any of their promised “360 degree views” and this is the catalog image they used for the skirt:

I mean, you look at that and it’s just like, what the hell is going on in that picture. Why is she pressed against the wall? Does she need help?

The reality is, it’s a fantastic piece of clothing. And, it’s now on clearance for just $59 and available in most sizes, so worth it.

Since Boden didn’t really show the skirt off, I will. Here’s one side:

boden colorblock pencil skirt

Here’s another:

Colorblock pencil skirt

And there’s the front if you don’t kick out your leg so that the little bit of mint green shows:

boden colorblock pencil skirt

Size wise, it runs pretty true to Boden’s usual sizing. I’m in an 8, which has a 31 inch waist and 38 inch hips. The waist is a bit wide on me, so the skirt sits just below my natural waist. I was concerned at first that it was going to be too snug in the hips/thighs, but ended up finding it comfortable enough.

The fabric is a heavyish polyester-viscose, with a bit of elasticity. My one complaint is that it does attract some fuzz/dust, but I have a cat now and that’s just what my life has become.

Another concern I had was the versatility of the skirt. I almost got the navy/black/bisque color instead, but I have found the bright blue is more wearable that I though it would be (I’ll have a post on different ways to wear it, soon).

boden cropped cardigan

Favorite Cropped Cardigan

I’ve been interested in trying  Boden’s cropped cardigans for some time now, but was concerned that they’d do that awkward gapping thing across my chest if I wore them buttoned up.

During the sale, even neutral colors like black and navy were discounted a pretty good amount, so I thought, it’s now or never. I ended up ordering an 8, just to reduce the risk of gapping, and I’m pretty glad I did. It might be a little loose on the sides, but I’ll take minimal bagginess over gapping any day.

Although I’m wearing the cardigan hear with a skirt, I think it might be best suited for wearing over dresses, at least on a taller person. It does expose some skin if you lift  your arms up, unless you’re in a very  high waisted skirt.

The fabric, a mix of cotton and nylon, is very soft and fairly substantial. I’ve had cotton/nylon cardigans in the past that were flimsy and that wore out quickly, but I have some high hopes for this one.

boden fifties cardigan

Fifties Cardigan

The fifties cardigan is a more demure, retro style that the favorite cropped cardigan. It’s got fancier buttons, a wider waistband and cuter sleeves. As with the favorite cropped, I got the fifities cardi in an size 8. And, like the favorite cropped, it’s a little loose on the sides, but the bigger size means no gapping at the buttons.

The fabric is a mix of cotton, nylon and silk, which is soft but pretty delicate. After one wear, I did notice some pilling on the sides and sleeves, which annoys me, especially since Boden charges more for this sweater than the favorite.



The wide waistband definitely gives the sweater a flattering fit, though, so points for that. Here, I’m wearing it with the Toi Dress from MM LaFleur.

Although the Richmond shorts were a bust for me, I’m pretty happy with my new cardigans and am absolutely thrilled with my skirt.

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