Shopping: Everlane Slim Cotton Crew T and Pima Tank

Finding a good, decent T-shirt is surprisingly tough. For years, I bought Gap tees, but then they changed the fit and things just weren’t right. Then, I switched to J.Crew’s painter tees or vintage tees, but they fell apart way too easily or stretched out and are all now in my pajamas drawer.

All this is to say that I was going into spring with a dearth of basic, simple T-shirts. Enter Everlane (that’s a referral link). The company is known for being more transparent about where its stuff is made and how much it actually costs to produce it. It also specializes in basics such as T-shirts and button front shirts. I’ve reviewed a few products from them before and did like them. Since then, the company’s released a few more products, including clothing that has a slimmer cut (a lot of their tees were previously boxy or loose fitting, which doesn’t suit me). I recently ordered the slim cotton crew T-shirt in olive green and the Pima stretch tank in white. Here’s what I thought:

slim cotton crew t

Slim Cotton Crew T (Olive)

Green’s my favorite color, so I went with the olive version of the slim cotton crew t-shirt. I’m in a size small, and I’d say it fits pretty true to size. Everlane provides product measurements for its shirts, so I used that information (a small is 13 1/8 inches across the shoulder and 16 3/4 across the chest) to pick a size. Although my photo is at a strange angle, it is doing the nice blousy, casual thing when tucked in. I really like the fit and the classic look of the tee. Plus, the color is great.

One thing that’s pretty strange about Everlane’s t-shirts is the length. The shirt is really long (a small is 25 1/4 inchesĀ  in length). You have to artfully style it if you aren’t going to wear it tucked in, otherwise the top cuts across your legs in an unflattering way.

The cotton fabric is pretty soft and I think it got a bit softer after washing and drying. It came out of the wash OK — there wasn’t any noticeable shrinkage, although now the collar is doing some sort of weird rolling thing, which I can fix with an iron.

pima stretch tank

Pima Stretch Tank (White)

I used to have this stretchy, smooth fitting white tank top from Banana Republic. But, it wore out after years of wear, so I needed to replace it with something similar. The Pima stretch tank from Everlane is close, but not quite the same. For one thing, it’s really long. It’s also got a much more casual, deep scoop neckline.

But, I still like it. It’s a bit see-through (it is a white tank, after all), but not immodest if you wear a nude bra with it. The fabric is thin, soft and stretchy. The tank (and others in their Pima stretch line) is made in Peru, at a factory that specializes in working with Pima cotton. Aside from the quality of their clothing and the price point, one of the things I really like about Everlane is that you can read all about the factories they work with and see photos of the facilities on their website.

I did order a third T-shirt, the Pima stretch mid-sleeve in black, but it’s on backorder (until June???). I hope it ships before then, since it’s going to get too hot here to wear anything with sleeves pretty soon.

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