Shopping: Flares

Shopping: Flares

Apparently, Madewell had its first ever sample sale in New York this past week. As it turns out, I was also in New York this past week, but I didn’t find out about the sale until I got home yesterday. But, I did have a chance to drop in to the store in SoHo and browse around a bit with a friend.

The Madewell store in New York is a bit bigger than the one in Philly, or at least, it seems bigger because it is two floors. What I know for sure is this: it had the Flea Market Flares, which I have wanted to try on for some time now, and the Philly doesn’t (or  at least, they didn’t).

Remember back in the middle of what we’re now calling the aughts, when bootleg jeans gave way to skinnies? Those were dark times for me, at least when it came to pants and jeans. I hate skinny jeans. They look awful on me and they are very uncomfortable. Although bootlegs were hard to find and people actually made fun of them, I kept on wearing them throughout the skinny  jeans dark ages. I know what is flattering and what makes my large thighs look better proportioned to the rest of my legs.

I got pretty excited when the runways started featuring 70’s styles this year and  when the first rumblings started to be heard that flares were back. Oh, thank heavens. Can we all move on from skinnies now? Can we agree that they aren’t a universally flattering look?


Here’s the trouble: neither are flares. Like skinnies, you’ll probably look amazing in flares if you don’t have large thighs. But, if your thighs are your biggest area on your entire body, like mine are, the proportions will look off. These jeans don’t really look very flared, more like puddly.


Length might also be an issue, too. While skinnies went the short route, usually with inseams less than 30 inches, flares assume you’ll be wearing heels. The flea market flares have a 34 inch inseam, which with their high rise (these sat near my waist), meant that they just skimmed the floor when I was barefoot. Maybe the whole silhouette would have worked better if I had a pair of heels to wear, but really, what’s the point in changing your entire wardrobe and style (I hate heels) just to wear a single pair of jeans?


One thing I did learn from my recent trip to Madewell: I love the Anthem tank. More on that to come.

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