Shopping: J.Crew Fall 2015

I’m not supposed to do any shopping this month (more on that later), but then J.Crew released this blazer in tweed, with elbow patches, and announced a 25% off sale. Admittedly, 25% off is nothing at J.Crew, when things are often marked down 30 to 75% off, but sometimes things sell out, and it seemed that would be the case with the Campbell Blazer, especially in the Tall size range.

I was all set to order the blazer online on Thursday night, but convinced myself to sleep on it, since I’m trying to curb my spending. In some ways it’s good that I slept on it and in some ways it’s bad: I woke up to find that the blazer was suddenly excluded from the promotion.

Boo on that. I decided to pop into the store in Philly to see if they  had the blazer, if a regular size would work on me, and if it was 25% off.

As it turns out, I’m actually not that keen on the fit and cut of it, so in the end, I’m glad the vanishing promo kept me from ordering.

J.Crew Campbell blazer in tweed, size 6.
J.Crew Campbell blazer in tweed, size 6.
J.Crew Campbell Blazer in tweed, size 4
J.Crew Campbell Blazer in tweed, size 4










Gah, it looks pretty awful. Particularly in the size 6, on the left. The 4 looks better, but only because I’m wearing a different skirt and am standing at a slight angle. Maybe it looks better unbuttoned, but I didn’t think to snap any pictures of that. I’m really glad I didn’t order the Tall 6, as both the regular 4 and 6 were a bit roomy on me.

As a side note, the tweed comes from Abraham Moon & Sons, which is the same tweed-maker Boden uses for its British Tweed Blazers. Boden’s blazers are cut differently, they are shorter and more shapely. I might give that a try.

Usually, when I’m at J.Crew, the associates ignore me, which I kinda like, especially since these days I rarely buy anything there. This last time, the associate was very  helpful, and went out of her way to recommend stuff for me to try. Unfortunately, one of her recommendations was a Tippi sweater.

J.crew Tippi sweater
J.crew Tippi sweater

Tippis just never work for me.  They always add weight to my hips and waist area. I’m showing you all the picture of it tucked into the Donegal Tweed Skirt because the photo of it untucked was just too awful. The tucked-in picture looks bad — you can see the sweater bunched up beneath the waist of the skirt.

The trip wasn’t all gloom and doom, though. I liked the dark green version of the tweed pencil skirt when it was pictured online and just happened to chance on the black and grey version in store. The fabric, a blend of wool/poly/silk is really soft to the touch and has a good weight. In one of the online reviews, someone said it felt like wearing a carpet. But I didn’t find that to be true. The 6 fit pretty well in the hips, but was a little loose in the waist.

J.crew Drapey v-neck silk blouse
J.crew Drapey v-neck silk blouse

I also really liked the drapey v-neck silk blouse. The silk is a nice weight and has a good hand, although I didn’t look at the stitching that closely. I’m in a 4 here, and there was just enough drape without it being too blousy. The sleeves were also a good length.

J.Crew keeps saying how it’s returning to the classics, and in fact, that’s the theme of its latest catalog. With the exception of the blazer, everything I tried on fit well and was made of quality-ish materials (the jury is still out on the tweed pencil skirt. I do wonder how it would  hold up). The blazer itself was fine, I just didn’t like the fit. I didn’t buy anything this time, but I might in the future.

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  1. Great reviews, very helpful! I was curious about the donegal olive skirt, I got it in the pink with the matching pink donegal regent and wore it already. The olive online looks so tempting bec. of the flecks of color. Did you see any baby blue flecks in there? Would you think pairing it with a blue/grayish blue button down would look ok with it? In the end I passed on the green bec. I have the heathered evergreen no. pencil from last year that I maybe wore once. The campbell tweed blazer is also one I was curious about. I wondered how the blazer looks with the skirt, if it’s overkill. What material is the brown elbow match made out of? I have to say I’m probably the only person that is not thrilled with the elbow patch aspect. Right now the tweed regent in the green/coral multi is the only thing on my wishlist. Did you manage to see that one in person? I wonder if it would match the new tangy olive no. 2 pencil skirt.

    • Hi Loren, I actually tried on the gray/black color – they didn’t have the green in store! The grey skirt looked pretty good with the navy blouse. I have a feeling the green skirt would work with navy or another shade of blue, too.
      The elbow patches on the Campbell are a brown suede (or something very close to suede, didn’t check to confirm it was real leather). My store didn’t have the tweed pencil skirt, so I wasn’t able to try them together to see. I didn’t see the tweed Regent in store, either. But, I could have just missed it. Looking at it online, I think I like its colorway better than the Campbell.

      • Thank you Amy! You are so informative. I really appreciate it. Would you believe I’ve never set foot in a JC store, I’ve only ever shopped online and about 95% is JCrew. I never bought anything JCF before but the olive green wool blazer tempted me so I went for it and a couple of chambray shirts and a pink/red flannel. The olive blazer looks nice next to the tangy olive no. 2 pencil but it has those dreaded cheapie looking gold buttons. I wish they put a dark brown button on like they did with the olive donegal and pink donegal regent. Now I’m starting to wonder if the tweed green coral multi is going to have these too shiny gold buttons as well. Last year I got a couple of blazers from JC that had gold buttons but they looked good, not shiny, more matte and less yellowy gold. Those were the glen plaid regent and the schoolboy houndstooth that had the nice gold buttons last year. I have to stare hard at that tweed green coral multi to see if it has the shiny gold buttons lol. I don’t want to start changing out the buttons. Thanks for your help and great reviews.

  2. Hi again. Did you end up going for the drapey silk blouse? I am on the market for a black silk blouse so I ended up getting this one from Lands’ End but it didn’t arrive yet. Just wanted to pass on the info. in case you were still hunting for one. It’s called the Long Sleeve Covered placket soft blouse if you do a search for it. It doesn’t have a collar with lapels which makes it interesting.

    • Thanks for the tip! I’m still thinking about the drapey silk blouse, but might end up going with a button-up silk blouse from Everlane instead. I like that they give you the full story of where the shirt is made, and it’s a bit cheaper than J.Crew.

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