Shopping: One Theory Dress, 5 Ways

I’ve long admired Theory from afar. Something about easy to wear, flattering workwear just appeals to me. I also like the fact that at one point in time, their clothing was mostly  made in the US. I think that’s less true now, but there are still a number of basics that are made stateside.

Theory Miyani Dress in Deep navy
Theory Miyani Dress in Deep navy

Take the Miyani dress, for example. I kinda fell for it the minute I saw it. It’s a basic navy (or black, gray, or red) dress, made out of a stretch, lightweight wool. It’s not a sheath, as there’s a slight A-line to the skirt. The skirt is loose enough that I’m able to bike in it (bonus points!).

Like most of Theory’s clothes, it’s a bit expensive, but I was able to get it on a price match from Nordstrom for 25% off, I think during Theory’s Friends and Family event (if you’re interested in an even cheaper version, LastCall has one in dark green for less than $200. Since it’s from the outlet, the sizing is pretty limited). I debated whether to keep it or not, since it is pricey, and that was part of the reason why I went with Nordstrom, since they have a great return policy.

After assessing the quality of the dress by checking the stitching, whether the wool is see-through or not and whether it wrinkles or not, and after playing outfit matchmaker with it several times, I decided to keep it.

After all, it is a really versatile dress.  It also fits well, it’s comfortable, and I can see myself getting a lot of use out of it. It’ll be a great addition to my winter capsule wardrobe starting in December.

Here are just a few of the outfit ideas I came up with (complete with somewhat crappy photos):


I was just playing around when I threw the Cedez tank from Anthropologie over the dress. But, hey, it looks pretty good, right? I can add a drapey blazer if things are too chilly.


The dress looks a bit more casual with a short sleeve T-shirt underneath it (this one’s from J.Crew). The undershirt also adds some warmth, since there’s sleeves and an extra layer.


With a cropped, embroidered cardigan, the simple dress gets a bit of flair. I got this cardigan at a boutique in Oxford, UK called Aspire Style. The picture isn’t so great, but it has embroidered foxes, rabbits and squirrels on it (here’s a similar one). If you’re not a pattern and print person, Boden has a solid version in a lot of colors.


Finally, how you’d expect to see a Theory dress styled, with a blazer. Of course, this blazer is a bit more casual than usual, since it’s a rust-orange color and the cut is a bit looser. It’s the long-gone, much beloved Schoolboy from J.Crew. The closest version they seem to offer now is the Campbell blazer, which is also made of wool flannel and available in a variety of colors.

You might be thinking: That’s just four options. I’m also counting the dress on its own as a way to wear it. Even though it’s pretty plain, I think it’s really flattering as is.

Get the looks:

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