Shopping: Summer Sales – Boden (Part 1)

Shopping: Summer Sales – Boden (Part 1)

Boden’s summer sale ended a few weeks ago, but since many of the items I ordered ended up marked down in the clearance section, I figured it would be worthwhile to write up a few reviews.


First up, the Summer Pencil Skirt  and Tamara Jacket. The two pieces weren’t presented together by Boden at all, either in the catalog or online, but I wanted to make a little suit out of them the minute I spotted them. So cute, am I right?

I was a bit nervous about the fit of the skirt, after reading reviews that stated that it was a bit tight in the hips. Both pieces fit pretty well, though. I went with the long version of the skirt so that it hit just below my knees. The jacket’s sleeves are bracelet length and don’t happen to be super-short on me. My only complaint fit wise has to do with the jacket – it was a bit tight across the back.

The skirt and jacket are made out of a lightweight woven cotton. The light green star detailing you see on it is actually embroidery.


There’s a close-up of the stitchwork; it’s pretty lovely. It’s also the reason why I sent the pieces back. Both the skirt and the jacket came with a “Delicate” tag attached to them, warning about the risk of snagging. Oh my. I envisioned myself sitting on a slightly rough park bench, catching some of those strings on a splinter. I foresaw great tragedy when I accidentally bumped into a chain link fence (it has happened). I also envisioned myself spilling red wine, coffee, chocolate, pretty much anything under the sun, on either the skirt or jacket.

Both pieces were so nicely made and so pretty — I just couldn’t trust myself not to ruin them.


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