Spring Capsule Wardrobe

March started to come in like a lamb, but then changed its mind and came in like that proverbial lion, bringing with it crazy gusty winds and somewhat chilly temperatures. Ah well, I was committed to switching over to my spring capsule wardrobe, so switch over I did.
spring capsule wardrobe

I made a few changes to my rules for this season. Since it’s dress season, I decided to have a separate section for not everyday dresses. That way, I’m not giving a spot in my wardrobe to a dress that I might only wear a few times. Solid color, day dresses did get included in my capsule, though. I also decided not to include outerwear, since again, as the temperatures warm up, I’ll be less likely to wear a coat or jacket outdoors. I did include blazers, though.

All told, I ended up picking a collection of 37 items, six of which might be new additions to my closet, but I’ve only purchased two new items so far.

Spring Capsule Wardrobe: TopsSpring Capsule 2016 - Tops

I ended up with 14 tops and blouses in this season’s capsule, but I haven’t actually purchased a few of them yet,  namely some basics from Everlane, such as a navy blue pima t-shirt, a white Pima tank, and a sleeveless silk blouse. Most of the tops are sleeveless, which might seem like a strange choice for spring, but I also had many of those shirts in my winter capsule and got by layering them beneath cardigans or jackets, so I plan on doing that for the chillier part of the season.

The capsule is a lot more basic this time around — I’ve even included solid color T’s, which I usually conveniently left out. The number is also smaller, I think because I’ve realized that really, I don’t need that many different tops, especially if I wear a lot of dresses.

Spring Capsule: Cardigans and Jackets

Spring Capsule 2016 - Sweaters and Jackets


Since it will be a bit cool at least for the next month or so, I figured I’d better include a few blazers and sweaters in my capsule. I’ve got two from MM LaFleur, the Graham Kimono, and the Sant Ambroeus Jardigan, a new addition to my wardrobe this season (review coming soon!). I’m also including two merino wool cardigans from the Gap, because they are soft and pretty warm without being too hot, a tuxedo blazer from Boden, and two Schoolboy blazers from J.Crew (not pictured).

Spring Capsule: Dresses

Spring Capsule 2016 - Dresses

I’ve got four dresses in this season’s capsule, three of which have been around for some time (including that Theory dress I talk about all. the. time). The only new addition is the Toi Dress from MM LaFleur (review to come!). The other two are from Boden (the bright green) and Kate Spade Saturday (gosh, I miss Saturday. My wallet doesn’t.).

There is one more dress I’d love to add to my capsule, but it’s sold out at the minute. It’s the Emily Dress from MM LaFleur. I’m on the waitlist for it, so let’s hope it pops back in stock soon.

Spring Capsule: Skirts

Spring Capsule 2016 - Skirts

OK, so the skirts in my spring capsule are still in flux. I actually only currently have four of them -the navy pleated on the left, the bright green pencil skirt, and the two printed skirts in the bottom row. But, I’m not sure of the wisdom of having two printed skirts in a capsule, so I might axe the floral print, since it’s really high waisted and long (it’s a midi, and falls below my knees). I’m also debating getting the pleated navy skirt on the right, which is from Boden, but am debating whether or not I actually need two pleated, navy skirts. Or, I might get a black/navy or charcoal pencil skirt, I’m really not sure.

I’m happy to hear your thoughts on the skirt issue – so please weigh in!

Spring Capsule: Shoes

spring capsule shoes

I don’t usually include shoes in my capsule, because I’m not really a shoe person and usually just wear my ballet flats around the house (they are pretty beat up, so they are just at-home flats at this point). But, in the interest of seeing how small I could get my capsule, I left five spots for shoes this time. I’ve got two pairs of loafers, a pair of short boots, a pair of sneakers, and a pair of dress shoes. I don’t see getting much wear out of the dress shoes, but thought if I included them, maybe I’d wear them more (they are rather comfortable).

Weirdly, there’s a lot of grey in my shoes, even though you don’t see the color elsewhere in the capsule at all.

Quick spring capsule recap:

  • 37 items (skirts, tops, dresses, jackets/cardigans, and shoes)
  • 30 items from my existing collection/closet
  • 2 definite new additions (jardigan and Toi dress)
  • 4-5 potential new additions
  • Printed/patterned dresses aren’t included in the capsule, but I can wear them if the need arises
  • Outerwear isn’t in the capsule, but I’ll wear it if it’s cold enough