Summer Capsule Wardrobe 2016: The Last One

summer capsule wardrobe

Another season has gone by, which means it’s time to roll out my summer capsule wardrobe. Since I don’t need to wear sweaters, blazers or really anything warm in the summer, this season’s capsule wardrobe looks a bit light. Maybe sparse is a better word.

At any rate, counting shoes, there are 33 pieces in it, not all of which are pictured here. The wellies in the photo are actually not really part of the capsule either, they just happened to be in the closet when I took the picture. Here’s a layout of most of the capsule:


Summer Capsule 2016

Not every shirt is pictured above, because I couldn’t find photos of a few older tops online. But, you can get the general gist of the summer capsule wardrobe from the set.

A few thoughts about capsules. One, I’m kind of over the idea. It was fun at first, picking out pieces from my closet each season and spending a lot of time making lists of what was in my capsule, taking photos of outfits, and what not. But, now I feel it’s a bit tedious. Although I long ago dispensed with the idea that I needed to only have 33 or 37 or whatever pieces in my wardrobe, taking the time to sift through everything every three months got old after about six months. Plus, since I’m wearing pretty much the same clothes season after season the big reveal got pretty dull. It wasn’t like I was going out and getting an entire new wardrobe each season.

Two, although I don’t think I’ll officially be putting together capsules for the next few seasons, I do appreciate the idea. I used to shop a lot. Now I don’t. I probably buy  more  clothing that people who don’t care about clothing, but I now put a lot of thought into what I buy, versus just grabbing stuff because it was on sale or because I thought I needed to have an orange skirt in my closet (that happened last summer . . . ).

Three, everyone’s always talking about personal style these days. Although I’ve argued that capsules don’t need to be boring, I have found myself leaving the house in some of the dullest outfits known to humankind. Which isn’t my personal style, at all. I do love a great navy and black outfit, but I also love print and color. And sometimes, the capsule wardrobe limited me to a white button up and basic pencil skirt, which, ick. A capsule can help you define your style, but sometimes I felt it was doing that opposite of that, painting me into a weird corner.

In sum, the limits of a capsule wardrobe definitely  helped me get my clothes spending and buying under control. But, I didn’t find that really  helped me hone in on my style, necessarily. I learned that I like dresses a lot, I’m not super into chunky jewelry, and that most button front shirts just don’t work on my frame (which is unfortunate, but oh well), but I don’t think I always applied those lessons to my capsule. It was occasionally difficult to work with the pieces in my capsule to put together outfits I really felt great in, (at least during the spring). Maybe this is all to say that I write about fashion and clothing, and I still have no idea what to wear a lot of the time.Save